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Three Gorges Hydropower Station water power hydroelectric complete equipment supplier
Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power plant EPC

International B2B cooperation platform

One Stop Power Generation 


Thermal  power plant, Combined  cycle gas turbine power plant, Hydroelectric , Wind power, Solar power

Project EPC, Complete equipment supply, Subsystem Supply, Project Financing, System refurbishment

Wind power plant wind mill farm EPC
Solar power plant EPC


Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre

AMICb2b (Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre) is an B2B (business to business) international industrial cooperation platform. AMIC protects both buyers and sellers by freezing the funds on the platform and releases it according to the contract. Only the partners’ products and services with AMIC authentication can be listed on the platform.

AMIC is also an international collaboration platform, partners can collaborate on world leading challenges. AMIC bridges the gap of academics, industrials and end users. Partners can select interested consortiums to join in.

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